Jaques De BruynI am inspired by color and work with acrylics or oils on stretched canvas. Color and visual rhythm are some of the the most important factors currently in my artwork, and I try to portray the brighter lighter side of life through my art. My current themes include horses, dogs, rhinos, landscapes and portraits. Whilst sometimes working on smaller canvas, I tend to gravitate towards medium to large scale paintings. The feeling of working on a bigger canvas is one of more expressionistic freedom. It is amazing to see the amount of detail other artists emits through their work, but for me it is more about the looseness and the impression than the detail. Personally I would very rarely put a story or theory behind any of my artwork, as I believe the viewer must be able to discern, discuss and dissect his or her own ideas without interference from the artist.

Should you be interested in any of the artworks in my gallery, use the work’s title as reference and feel free to send me an email to inquire about availability and price.

About Jaques de Bruyn

All the artworks on this site has been created by Jaques de Bruyn.
"I work mostly in acrylics on either stretched canvas or paper. On the odd occasion I will also paint and draw using inks and oil. Some of my more recent works are done using mixed-media"

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